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I created this site to collect some of the traditional recipes of Sicily. Recipes born from the need to use those foods that the island provides, from cheeses to fruits.

pizza scaccia

Many of these recipes have a humble and simple origin that are not much appreciated by the new generations, conditioned by the mass media and by the globalization of tastes. This site is suitable for those looking for roots and not the perfection of tastes. Arabics, is well-known thing, love the cakes in special way. Maybe not more than other peoples, but is a fact that many very sweet recipes can make themselves go back to the Saracen initiative.

Arabic sweeth

So it is hardly surprising to learn that, apparently, it was the Arabs, stirring together almonds and sugar, to invent the marzipan and to export it from their lands before in Italy and in the rest of Europe, particularly in Germany where the marzipan cakes spread with great luck--as evidenced by the misfortune of Hansel and Gretel, ended up in the clutches of a wicked witch precisely because they are unable to resist the lure of his little marzipan.




almond pastries




Lemon pudding


Capers and salt


Sicilian quince


Zeppole o Crispelle


Typical Ragusan frittelle o friiteddi




Crushed green olives



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